Jeevan G. Raosahib

Director of Indelox Services Private Limited

Jeevan G Raosahib- Member of the Business Council for Logistics and Transportation

Jeevan G Raosahib is the Director at Indelox Services Private Limited, a distinguished member of the Logistics and Transportation Business Council within the International Trade Council. With over two decades of experience and a passion for entrepreneurship, Jeevan brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to the industry.

As Director of Indelox Services Private Limited, Jeevan oversees the company's operations in supply chain services, specializing in international procurement and logistics across Indian ports to consumption locations. Indelox is renowned for its commitment to compliance, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, offering a range of services including storage, distribution, and after-market support.

Jeevan's journey in the industry began after more than 22 years of service in various positions within manufacturing and service sector companies. In 2000, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and a vision for growth, he founded Indelox Services Private Limited, seizing an opportunity to make a mark in the logistics and transportation sector.

With a Bachelor's degree in Commerce and qualifications as a Customs Broker from the Ministry of Finance, Jeevan possesses a solid educational background and industry-specific expertise. He furthered his knowledge through management programs in entrepreneurship from institutions like IIM Bengaluru and active participation in industry associations and conferences.

Throughout his career, Jeevan has spearheaded key projects and initiatives that have contributed to the success of his business and the industry at large. His pioneering work in import stock and sale concepts under Indian Customs regulations and strategic utilization of bonded warehouses have set new standards in the market.

Jeevan takes pride in his professional accomplishments, particularly his contributions to the life science industry in India and his role in establishing the Regional ASIA PACIFIC group for WCO PSCG. These initiatives have not only enhanced customer satisfaction but also strengthened the industry's footprint in the region.

Reflecting on the industry's evolution, Jeevan notes its increasing complexity and the need for agility in response to geopolitical issues and supply chain disruptions, particularly in the post-COVID era. Looking ahead, he foresees challenges in supply chain management, emphasizing the importance of near-shoring and compliance with evolving conventions.

Excited about the potential of new technologies like AI and robotics, Jeevan encourages industry professionals to stay abreast of developments and adapt to changing landscapes. He advises newcomers to cultivate knowledge, understand generational behaviors, and prioritize sustainability in their endeavors.

In facing setbacks and challenges, Jeevan adopts a proactive approach, analyzing root causes and seeking guidance from trusted advisors.  Inspired and influenced stalwarts in India and to name a few - Clyde Cooper, Tushar Jani, Narayan Murthy, Ratan Tata, Cyrus Guzder, and their collective wisdom and inspiration  he remains committed to continuous learning and growth.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Jeevan finds solace in reading, music, and spending time in nature, balancing his entrepreneurial drive with moments of relaxation and rejuvenation. Jeevan G Raosahib's leadership, vision, and dedication make him a valuable asset to the Logistics and Transportation Business Council and a driving force behind the success of Indelox Services Private Limited in the dynamic global market.