Geoff Hyde

Managing Director of Sustainable Tourism International Ltd.

Geoff Hyde- Member of the Business Council for Sustainability and Environment

Geoff Hyde serves as the Managing Director of Sustainable Tourism International Ltd., a distinguished member of the International Trade Council's Business Council on Sustainability and Environment. With extensive experience and expertise in the field of sustainable tourism, Geoff is dedicated to promoting responsible travel practices and fostering socio-economic development in developing island nations.

Geoff's journey in the tourism industry began during his tenure in Local Government, where he played a pivotal role in organizing and promoting a street festival that evolved into a major tourist attraction. Motivated by his passion for tourism, Geoff pursued higher education, completing an M.Sc in Tourism overseas. Upon his return to Australia, he ventured into academia, offering the first B.Bus courses in Tourism. Subsequently, Geoff transitioned into consultancy and specialized as a tourism sector adviser in various developing countries, particularly in the Pacific Islands.

Throughout his career, Geoff has been driven by a commitment to sustainable development and community empowerment. He has spearheaded numerous projects and initiatives aimed at fostering socio-economic development and promoting sustainable tourism practices. His professional accomplishments include assisting local communities and SMEs in developing island countries, contributing to their socio-economic growth and resilience.

As the tourism industry continues to evolve, Geoff recognizes the challenges posed by climate change, geopolitical tensions, and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these challenges, he remains optimistic about the industry's future, emphasizing the importance of resilience and recovery efforts post-COVID.

Geoff's advice to aspiring professionals in the industry is to have an exit strategy, acknowledging the dynamic nature of the tourism sector and the need to adapt to changing circumstances. In the face of setbacks and challenges, Geoff maintains a positive outlook, actively seeking opportunities for growth and innovation.

His role models and inspirations in the field are genuine and authentic individuals who believe in sustainability and ethical tourism practices. Outside of his professional life, Geoff enjoys pursuing various hobbies and interests, he is an avid reader of mainly biographies, a junior sports coach in Aussie rules football, a test cricket tragic, a follower of political discourse and committed ‘extended’ family man. These all contribute to his overall well-being and fulfillment.

Through his leadership at Sustainable Tourism International Ltd., Geoff Hyde continues to be a driving force for positive change in the tourism industry, advocating for sustainability, community empowerment, climate change adaptability and responsible travel practices.