Frannie Leautier

Partner and CEO of SouthBridge Investments

Frannie Leautier- Member of the Business Council for Banking and Trade Council


Frannie Leautier serves as Partner and CEO at SouthBridge Investments, a distinguished player in financial services, investment banking, asset management, investments, and advisory services. With a robust background in engineering and finance, Frannie brings a unique blend of expertise to her role, driving impactful initiatives and delivering exceptional value to clients worldwide.

Frannie's journey in the industry began with her first job, marking the inception of a remarkable career characterized by groundbreaking projects and transformative leadership. Notable among her achievements is the successful turnaround of a $30 billion infrastructure portfolio at the World Bank, demonstrating her adeptness at navigating complex financial landscapes.

Throughout her career, Frannie has spearheaded key projects, including the launch of a $2 billion reforestation/restoration fund, showcasing her commitment to both profitability and social impact. Her professional accomplishments are marked by a steadfast dedication to delivering tangible results and driving positive change.

As the industry evolves, Frannie remains at the forefront, driving outreach to emerging and developing markets and navigating challenges such as sustainability criteria and reporting requirements. She envisions further growth and consolidation in the industry over the next 5-10 years, fueled by advancements in digital payment solutions and renewable energy.

Drawing inspiration from industry luminaries like James D Wolfensohn and Christine Lagarde, Frannie approaches her work with a positive outlook and a commitment to continuous learning. Beyond her professional endeavors, she finds solace in hobbies such as reading, hiking, and creating art, balancing her passion for innovation with a rich personal life.

Frannie Leautier's leadership at SouthBridge Investments exemplifies excellence in the finance industry, driving impactful initiatives and shaping the future of financial services with a keen eye on sustainability and innovation.