Fleur Van Wely

CEO of NextSales

Fleur Van Wely- Member of the Business Council for Artificial Intelligence, Innovation and Technology, and Women in International Trade

Fleur van Wely is an esteemed member of the International Trade Council's Business Council, serving in the capacities of Artificial Intelligence, Innovation and Technology, and Women in International Trade. As the CEO of NextSales, a leading firm in the Business Consulting & Services industry, Fleur has played a pivotal role in advancing the company's mission of supporting innovative and high-tech B2B companies in their business development endeavors.

Under her leadership, NextSales has become a cornerstone for companies in IT/ICT, High-Tech, Public Safety & Security, Consulting, and Software sectors seeking to navigate the complexities of market entry and business expansion. NextSales distinguishes itself through its unique approach of blending Market Research, strategic Go-to-Market Plans, and comprehensive Business Development, complemented by an Ambassador Network of over 220 individuals. This network not only enriches clients with critical market insights and connections but also facilitates the entire Sales Cycle, ensuring a seamless path to growth and success.

Fleur's journey into the industry began after completing her studies in Marketing Management, which led her to co-found NextSales in 2011. Her entrepreneurial spirit, nurtured in a family of business pioneers, was instrumental in the company's inception and its ongoing evolution. Fleur's academic background provided her with a deep understanding of the symbiotic relationship between Sales & Marketing, emphasizing the importance of agility, market awareness, and adaptability in maintaining relevance and achieving client objectives.

Among her professional achievements, Fleur is particularly proud of the establishment and growth of the Ambassador Network. Initiated in response to the GDPR regulation, this network fosters "friend of a friend" connections, crucial for business in NextSales' target domains. Its success and expansion across Europe and beyond stand as a testament to Fleur's vision and dedication to forging personal relationships in business.

Fleur has witnessed firsthand the rapid evolution of the IT industry, from traditional mail campaigns to the current emphasis on Artificial Intelligence and automation. She remains intrigued by the potential of personal relationships and face-to-face interactions in an increasingly automated world, advocating for a balance between technological reliance and human connection.

To those aspiring to enter the industry, Fleur offers sage advice: embrace learning, value connections, and view challenges as opportunities for growth. Her resilience in the face of setbacks, combined with a commitment to collaboration and open dialogue, has been key to her professional journey.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Fleur finds solace and joy in culinary arts, travel, and the serene contemplation of nature's beauty. These hobbies offer her a welcome respite from the demands of her career, allowing her to recharge and maintain a harmonious balance between work and personal life.

As a beacon of innovation, leadership, and resilience, Fleur van Wely continues to inspire through her contributions to NextSales, the International Trade Council, and the broader business community. Her commitment to fostering growth, embracing change, and nurturing personal connections paves the way for a future where technology and human ingenuity converge to create sustainable, meaningful progress.