Dr. Parshottam G Koradia

Managing Director and Founder of DivyaJivan Healthcare Private Limited

Dr. Parshottam G Koradia - Member of the Business Council for Artificial Intelligence


Dr. Parshottam G Koradia is a distinguished figure in the healthcare industry, serving as the Managing Director and Founder of DivyaJivan Healthcare Private Limited. Since its inception in 2019, Dr. Koradia has been at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies within the pharmaceutical sector, reflecting a commitment to innovation and excellence.

 Holding an MD in Internal Medicine, Dr. Koradia's educational background and expertise have been pivotal in navigating the complexities of the healthcare industry. His work primarily revolves around pharmaceutical consultancy, where he has made significant contributions to medicine through his research and development efforts.

 Under his leadership, DivyaJivan Healthcare has embarked on key projects and initiatives that have not only contributed to the company's success but also to advancements in healthcare. Dr. Koradia takes pride in his professional accomplishments, especially those that have enhanced medical practices and patient care.

 Since entering the industry in 2019, Dr. Koradia has observed rapid evolution within healthcare, particularly in the adoption and integration of AI technologies. He identifies AI as both a challenge and a driving force for future innovations, particularly in areas like diagnostic drug delivery systems. Dr. Koradia envisions a future where AI-based solutions become foundational to healthcare, offering transformative approaches to treatment and patient care.

 One of the technologies Dr. Koradia is most excited about is the development of advanced diagnostic and drug delivery systems, which promise to revolutionize patient treatment by making it more precise, personalized, and effective.

 For those starting their journey in the healthcare industry, Dr. Koradia advises patience and a commitment to continuous learning and adaptation. He emphasizes the importance of risk management as a strategy to handle setbacks and challenges, underscoring the unpredictable nature of healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

 Dr. R K Patel serves as a source of inspiration and a role model for Dr. Koradia, guiding his approach to healthcare and business management. Beyond his professional endeavors, Dr. Koradia has a keen interest in the hotel business, showcasing his diverse interests and entrepreneurial spirit.

 As a member of the Artificial Intelligence Business Council in the International Trade Council, Dr. Parshottam G Koradia's contribution extends beyond his company, influencing the broader trajectory of AI integration within healthcare. His visionary leadership and dedication to advancing healthcare through technology mark him as a key figure in the industry, poised to make significant impacts in the years to come.