Dr. Abdul Hadi Jalali

Dr. Abdul Hadi Jalali

Director Business Development Services - Afghanistan & MENA Region of MgtWell Consulting Services

Dr. Abdul Hadi Jalali- Member of the Business Council for Emerging Markets


Dr. Abdul Hadi Jalali is a distinguished figure in the field of international development and humanitarian assistance, serving as the Director of Programs and Business Development Services for Afghanistan & MENA Region at MgtWell Consulting Services. With a focus on emerging markets, Dr. Jalali has significantly contributed to the growth and success of MgtWell Consulting Services, a company that operates within the complex and challenging environment of Afghanistan.

Educated at prestigious institutions, Dr. Jalali holds a PhD in International Development from the University of Potsdam, Germany, and a Master of Public Administration from the University of Sydney, where he was an Australian Government Leadership Award Scholar. His academic background also includes a Bachelor's degree from the University of Bolton, United Kingdom. These qualifications, coupled with his profound understanding of international organizations and assistance mechanisms, have been instrumental in advancing MgtWell's project portfolio in Afghanistan.

Before joining MgtWell Consulting Services, Dr. Jalali played a pivotal role as the Director for Donors Coordination in the Government of Afghanistan (2012-2013), where he gained a deep insight into the workings of international assistance frameworks and consulting firms. Under his leadership, MgtWell has become a key Afghan partner for UN Agencies, World Bank, USAID, and other Western partners, focusing on economic recovery, private sector development, and humanitarian oversight in Afghanistan.

MgtWell Consulting Services, with its headquarters in Kabul and a branch in Virginia, USA, has excelled in delivering management consultancy, monitoring and evaluation, capacity building, and technical assistance for project implementation. Dr. Jalali's commitment to excellence and his ability to navigate the intricacies of international development have led to the successful implementation of over 100 projects, earning the trust of international partners and solidifying MgtWell's reputation as a leading management consultancy firm.

Dr. Jalali is particularly proud of establishing MgtWell as a trusted entity for the implementation and oversight of challenging programs and projects in Afghanistan. He has been a key figure in addressing the evolving needs of the country, especially in the shift towards economic recovery and humanitarian services following August 2021. His efforts have ensured that MgtWell remains at the forefront of introducing technological innovations like the KOBO Collect for real-time data collection, setting the stage for future e-Reforms in the economic and governance systems of Afghanistan.

Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Jalali is inspired by development sector experts who deliver tangible results in challenging contexts. He values the importance of building strong teams capable of overcoming setbacks and challenges, emphasizing professional and social skills.

Outside of his rigorous professional life, Dr. Jalali enjoys unwinding by watching Netflix series and spending quality time with family and friends. His balanced approach to life, combined with his professional dedication, makes him a remarkable leader and an invaluable asset to the International Trade Council's Emerging Markets Business Council.