Damyan Pilkov

Founder of Plan Bulgaria

Damyan Pilkov- Member of the Business Council for Emerging Markets, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), International Trade Policy, Legal, and Logistics and Transportation


Damyan Pilkov is the Founder of Plan Bulgaria, a consultancy firm operating across diverse industries including investment, market research, legal services, and stakeholder relations. With a mission to facilitate successful business transitions and expansions in Bulgaria, Damyan provides comprehensive support to individuals and companies seeking to establish or grow their presence in the country and beyond. He also serves as an Advisor to the Board of Directors of the Dutch Bulgarian Business Association, furthering his impact on international business relations.

Damyan's journey in the industry began with pivotal roles at Bouzeva and Partners and Nomad Capitalist, where he gained expertise in legal landscapes and global opportunities. Transitioning to local business development and consultancy with the World Bank, Damyan solidified his commitment to Bulgaria's prosperity and global prominence. At CTP, he further honed his skills in investment facilitation, laying the foundation for Plan Bulgaria's holistic approach to business support.

Throughout his career, Damyan participated in key projects such as the Sofia Airport concession, developed high net worth individual (HNWI) access programs, and facilitated investment with CTP. His professional accomplishments include exposure to influential business figures, investors, and policymakers, learning invaluable lessons from their experiences and insights.

In navigating the evolving industry landscape, Damyan embraces technological advancements, globalization, and sustainability trends. He envisions sustained growth, greater technology integration, and increased specialization in niche consultancy services in the coming years.

Excited about AI, ESG, and international strategies, Damyan advises newcomers to grasp industry basics, seek diverse experiences, and stay adaptable. He handles setbacks with calmness, seeks support, and maintains a positive outlook, drawing inspiration from figures like Patrick Bet David.

Outside of work, Damyan enjoys outdoor activities, creative pursuits, martial arts, sports, and reading. These hobbies not only provide relaxation but also fuel his personal growth and well-being.

Damyan Pilkov stands as a beacon of expertise and innovation in Bulgaria's consultancy landscape, driving positive change and empowering businesses to thrive in a dynamic global environment.