Codye Satterwhite

Managing Director of Plantensive Solutions Group

Codye Satterwhite- Member of the Business Council for Supply Chain

Codye Satterwhite serves as the Managing Director of Plantensive Solutions Group and is a distinguished member of the International Trade Council's Business Council on Supply Chain. With extensive experience in supply chain planning and optimization, Codye has made significant contributions to the industry through his leadership and expertise.

Codye's journey in the supply chain industry began in his early 20s when he started as a production scheduler. Over the years, he held various roles within supply chain planning and optimization, gaining invaluable experience in warehouse operations, manufacturing, and scheduling.

Armed with a Bachelor's Degree, Codye's educational background laid the foundation for his success, enabling him to understand the intricacies of warehouse and manufacturing operations, which proved instrumental in his career progression.

Throughout his career, Codye has led numerous large-scale transformational projects for prestigious companies across diverse industry verticals. His accomplishments have been recognized, with accolades such as being named a 2019 Pro to Know and a 2024 Rockstar of the Supply Chain, highlighting his exceptional contributions to the field.

Reflecting on the industry's evolution, Codye observes a shift towards automation and system-driven processes, indicating a broader trend towards greater efficiency and technological advancement.

Despite advancements, the industry faces challenges such as user adoption and talent shortages. Looking ahead, Codye envisions a future characterized by cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning-based systems for planning and execution.

Passionate about nurturing talent and fostering a collaborative work environment, Codye emphasizes the importance of hands-on experience and encourages aspiring professionals to gain a deep understanding of business operations before venturing into supply chain planning.

In addressing setbacks and challenges, Codye adopts an open-minded, team-based approach, leveraging the diverse expertise of team members to solve complex problems effectively.

Inspired by past leaders and colleagues who have shaped his career, Codye recognizes the influence of mentors such as Plant Managers Chavis Ferguson and Jeff Lasley, who played pivotal roles in his professional development.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Codye's passion for music drives him to own a music production studio and an independent record label, reflecting his multifaceted interests and pursuits beyond the realm of supply chain management.

As Managing Director of Plantensive Solutions Group and a respected member of the International Trade Council's Supply Chain Business Council, Codye Satterwhite continues to lead with innovation, expertise, and a commitment to excellence in the dynamic field of supply chain planning and optimization.