Ayodeji Adebowale Godblessing

CEO of TheHITS Ltd

Ayodeji Adebowale Godblessing - Member of the Business Council for Artificial Intelligence

Ayodeji Adebowale Godblessing, the CEO of TheHITS Ltd, is a visionary leader within the International Trade Council's Artificial Intelligence Business Council. With a solid foundation in software engineering, Ayodeji has propelled TheHITS Ltd to the forefront of the HealthTech, EdTech, and software solutions industries, while also making significant strides in the burgeoning field of African eSports.

Under Ayodeji's leadership, TheHITS Ltd has developed innovative tech-based solutions that address critical challenges in education and healthcare. One of the company's hallmark projects, ART-D, revolutionizes how hospital laboratories communicate test results to doctors and lab scientists, automating the transmission process and significantly reducing the potential for manual errors. Additionally, Ayodeji's entrepreneurial spirit is evident in his development of Triads Entertainment, a major brand in African eSports, showcasing his commitment to expanding the continent's presence in the global digital arena.

Ayodeji is most proud of his role in creating ART-D, a testament to his ability to merge technology with healthcare to improve operational efficiencies and patient care. His journey in the tech industry reflects the broader growth trajectory of the African technology sector, which is rapidly emerging as a significant player on the world stage, increasingly recognized for exporting technology services globally.

Despite the challenges of talent acquisition and securing funding for scaling ventures, Ayodeji remains optimistic about the future. He envisions a transformative next decade where Africa will become a central hub for remote workers, offering a vast workforce for international companies. This shift is anticipated to further integrate the continent into the global technology ecosystem, driven by advancements in remote working technologies and digital collaboration tools.

Ayodeji's excitement about the future is particularly focused on the global technology community's growing interest in eSports. He sees this as an opportunity for underrepresented countries to engage with cutting-edge technologies and showcase their talents on a global stage, provided they have strong eSports capabilities.

For those embarking on a career in the tech industry, Ayodeji advises starting small, progressing at one's own pace, and setting achievable goals. He believes in the importance of preparing for setbacks as a fundamental aspect of navigating the tech landscape, viewing challenges as opportunities for growth and learning.

Inspired by innovators like Elon Musk, Ayodeji embodies a blend of creativity, perseverance, and strategic foresight. Outside of his professional endeavors, he enjoys exploring hobbies and interests that complement his dynamic career, further illustrating his multifaceted personality and commitment to both personal and professional development. Ayodeji Adebowale Godblessing's contributions to TheHITS Ltd and his visionary role within the International Trade Council's Business Council underscore his impact on the tech industry and his influence on shaping the future of technology in Africa and beyond.