Ayesha Ashiq

Founder & CEO of Eladder4U Inc

Dr. Ayesha Ashiq- Member of the Business Council for Women in International Trade


Dr. Ayesha Ashiq Founder & CEO, emerges as a pivotal force in the spheres of education, human resources, and entrepreneurship through her establishment of Eladder4U Inc. Her remarkable efforts have significantly altered the landscape of educational access and career guidance on a worldwide level. Moreover, her active role in the Women in International Trade Business Council highlights her commitment to enhancing the presence and impact of women within the global business community.

Embarking on her professional journey in 1996 as an HR Assistant, Ayesha's career trajectory is a testament to her profound passion and expertise in educational leadership and human resources. Her progression from her initial role to becoming a renowned entrepreneur is marked by her dedication and a comprehensive educational background in HR (BBA), Psychology (Master's), and Computer Information Systems. These academic accomplishments have been crucial in steering her towards leading roles and pioneering business initiatives.

Dr. Ayesha's career is distinguished by significant achievements and innovative projects. The initiation of Eladder4U and EladderUniversity has been transformative in global education, while her entrepreneurial ventures, such as WWFM and Global Corporation, have introduced novel HR solutions and fostered job creation. Her strategic prowess was also evident in her successful resolution of a union labor strike in India, implementation of Oracle HRMS, and the establishment of HRbooth—an initiative aimed at enhancing student internship opportunities—thereby expanding the scope for professional and organizational growth.

In tune with the evolving dynamics of education and HR, Ayesha adeptly addresses the challenges brought forth by digital transformation, globalization, and the shift towards new learning models. Her forward-looking vision encompasses a future characterized by the seamless integration of technology, inclusive educational practices, and flexible learning environments, ensuring resilience and accessibility.

Ayesha advises aspiring professionals to cultivate a sense of curiosity, adaptability, and a commitment to lifelong learning. She underscores the importance of networking, mentorship, and the invaluable lessons from failures. Drawing inspiration from her family's unwavering support and the influential leadership of figures like Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and JRD Tata, Ayesha embodies the essence of innovative leadership and a profound dedication to making a societal impact.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Ayesha finds joy in cooking, traveling, dancing, and exploring various musical genres. Her personal life is enriched by engaging conversations and forming new relationships, mirroring her belief in the importance of personal development and a well-rounded life.

Ayesha Ashiq's journey is a narrative of unyielding dedication, visionary insight, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. As a central figure in the Women in International Trade Business Council, she continues to propel initiatives that broaden global commerce and empower women in the international business sector.