Amir Hussain

Amir Hussain


Amir Hussain - Member of the Business Council for Innovation and Technology


Amir Hussain, the visionary Founder and CEO of INFINIX SOFTWARES PVT LTD, has been a pivotal figure in steering the company into the forefront of innovation and technological advancement. With a profound commitment to transforming businesses and enhancing individual lives through technology, Hussain's leadership has seen INFINIX SOFTWARES emerge as a beacon of progress in the industry. The company specializes in a wide array of services including software development, e-commerce solutions, mobile app development, web application development, CRM solutions, digital marketing, and SEO & SMO services.

Hussain's journey in the industry commenced with a strong foundation built on technical skills, leading to the establishment of INFINIX SOFTWARES with the objective of offering affordable and innovative technological solutions. His academic credentials, including a Bachelor's in Engineering, have been instrumental in his career, equipping him with the necessary skills to navigate the complex landscape of the IT and software industry.

Throughout his tenure at INFINIX SOFTWARES, Hussain has spearheaded numerous key projects such as the development of custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and the implementation of cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. These initiatives have not only contributed to the company's success but also underscored Hussain's commitment to leveraging technology for business excellence.

Hussain's professional journey is marked by significant achievements, including leading cross-functional teams to deliver complex software projects on time and within budget, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field through publications, and mentoring junior team members to foster growth and development in the IT sector.

Under Hussain's leadership, INFINIX SOFTWARES has navigated the evolving landscape of the IT and software industry, adapting to changes from analog to digital, embracing emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, and overcoming challenges such as cybersecurity threats and data privacy compliance.

Hussain envisions a future where the industry continues to thrive on innovation, with artificial intelligence, edge computing, quantum computing, and augmented/virtual reality driving growth. He advises newcomers to the industry to understand market dynamics, build a strong foundation in technical skills, and stay adaptable to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Outside of his professional life, Hussain is a multifaceted individual with hobbies and interests ranging from reading and exercising to engaging in creative arts, outdoor activities, traveling, and lifelong learning. His holistic approach to life and work exemplifies his belief in the power of technology to improve human experiences and his commitment to contributing positively to society and the environment.