Adetunji Adelakun

Adetunji Adelakun

Founder/CEO of Scantranx Technologies, Inc

Adetunji Adelakun - Member of the Business Council for Innovation and Technology

Adetunji Adelakun, the visionary Founder and CEO of Scantranx Technologies, Inc., stands as a pioneering figure in the realms of retail and e-commerce. With a profound commitment to revolutionizing the retail sector through innovative technology, Adetunji has positioned Scantranx at the forefront of the industry. The company specializes in mobile innovations and customized software applications, aimed at bridging the gap between in-store and online channels through an Omni-channel retailing model. Under Adetunji's leadership, Scantranx leverages artificial intelligence to enable retailers to analyze data across sales channels, enhancing the customer shopping experience across various touchpoints.

Adetunji's journey in the IT industry was fueled by his passion for solving complex problems and his innate drive for innovation and entrepreneurship. His educational background, including a Bachelor of Science degree (Honors) in Computing and Its Practice from The Open University, UK, and certifications as a Microsoft Certified Professional and Certified Java Developer, provided a solid foundation for his career. This, combined with his passion for supporting small and mid-sized retailers, led to the inception of Scantranx—a platform designed to empower retailers to compete with larger chains by offering an exceptional customer experience.

Throughout his career, Adetunji has spearheaded various successful projects in the financial and retail sectors, notably deploying mission-critical solutions for major organizations in North America and Africa. Among his professional accolades, he is particularly proud of Scantranx POS being recognized as the Best Software Idea by Intel at the Intel Developers Day Pitching competition—a testament to his innovative spirit and the transformative potential of his software solutions.

The retail and e-commerce industry has witnessed significant evolution since Adetunji's entry, marked by increased competition and growth fueled by digital technologies and mobile adoption. Today, the industry faces the challenge of meeting ever-increasing consumer expectations for seamless online and offline experiences. Adetunji anticipates continued progress in the industry, driven by rapid e-commerce growth and the adoption of advanced technologies to enhance productivity and customer satisfaction. The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated the shift towards digital transformation in retail, underscoring the critical role of modern IT solutions.

Adetunji is excited about the potential of artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, and omnichannel strategies to redefine the retail landscape. His advice to newcomers emphasizes the importance of staying informed about industry developments, engaging with experts, and embracing continuous learning and growth.

In facing challenges, Adetunji advocates for a positive attitude, thorough analysis, and strategic problem-solving. Inspired by his father's encouragement to pursue his dreams with confidence, hard work, and perseverance, Adetunji embodies these values in his professional endeavors.

Beyond his work, Adetunji enjoys football, family activities, and grilling barbecue turkey wings, reflecting his well-rounded personality and commitment to a balanced life. His leadership at Scantranx Technologies, Inc., and his contributions to the International Trade Council's Innovation and Technology Business Council, mark him as a key influencer in the tech-driven transformation of retail and e-commerce.