Abed Baker

Abed Baker

Chairman & Co-Founder of Done Remotely Resources Inc

Abed Baker - Member of the Business Council for Innovation and Technology


Abed Baker, as the Chairman and Co-Founder of Done Remotely Resources Inc, has carved a niche in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry, specializing in dedicated offshore staffing. With over 15 years of rich experience in international recruitment and onshore staffing across diverse nationalities, Baker has honed his expertise in connecting talent with global opportunities, making significant strides in the BPO sector.

Under his leadership, Done Remotely has emerged as a leading provider of offshore staffing services, offering office-based, hybrid, and fully remote staffing solutions alongside Employer of Records (EOR) options, online training, and advanced software testing services. The company boasts over 20+ modern physical locations in the Philippines, serving as a testament to its expansive reach and commitment to quality service delivery.

Baker's transition into the edtech industry was propelled by his deep interest in fostering cross-border talent connections. Leveraging his background in sales education and a robust skill set in project management, Baker has navigated the complexities of international recruitment with finesse. His accomplishments include structuring significant projects for top-tier companies like IKEA and Saudi Aramco, showcasing his capability to deliver tailored staffing solutions that cater to diverse industry needs.

The BPO industry has witnessed transformative changes since Baker's entry, with technological advancements and globalization reshaping recruitment processes. Amidst these shifts, Baker identifies the global talent shortage, technological adaptation, and regulatory navigation as prevailing challenges. However, his forward-thinking approach envisions an industry ripe for innovation, particularly through AI and automation, driving efficiency in recruitment and staffing processes.

Baker's anticipation for the future centers around the increased integration of artificial intelligence and sustainable technologies in BPO services, aiming to streamline operations and enhance service delivery. His advice to newcomers emphasizes the importance of continuous learning, adaptability, and a deep understanding of industry dynamics.

Handling setbacks with a proactive and resilient mindset, Baker underscores the value of objective assessment, stakeholder communication, and collaborative problem-solving in overcoming challenges. While he draws inspiration from a variety of sources, his journey is a testament to self-motivation and a commitment to excellence.

Beyond his professional realm, Baker's interests in swimming, volleyball, snooker, and design reflect a well-rounded personality that values creativity, teamwork, and strategic thinking. His leadership at Done Remotely Resources Inc and contributions to the International Trade Council's Innovation and Technology Business Council exemplify his dedication to revolutionizing the BPO industry through innovation, technology, and a global perspective.