Alfred Jara Ibanez

Alfred Jara Ibanez

Director of ICRA LLC

Alfred Jara Ibanez - Member of the Business Council for Banking and Trade Finance


Alfred Jara Ibanez, serving as the Director at ICRA LLC, brings his expertise in credit rating and international business to the forefront of the banking, finance, and trade finance sector within the International Trade Council. With a Bachelor's degree in International Business from the University of Greenwich, Alfred's journey in the industry has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a keen understanding of the importance of creditworthiness in the financial landscape.

At ICRA LLC, Alfred plays a pivotal role in providing credit rating reports that showcase the creditworthiness and credibility of corporates, SMEs, and financial institutions. His dedication to ensuring transparency and reliability in credit assessments contributes significantly to the trust and confidence that clients place in ICRA LLC's services.

Alfred's professional accomplishments include establishing key connections with Credit Info Tanzania, the Tanzania Institute of Bankers, and exploring potential collaborations with Stanbic Bank. Notably, he takes pride in facilitating a trading company with a credit line with a bank, demonstrating his ability to leverage his industry knowledge and network for the benefit of clients.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of credit rating agencies, Alfred recognizes the challenges posed by a lack of market knowledge and awareness of the importance of credit ratings. However, he envisions a future where ICRA LLC expands its global presence with more offices opening worldwide and ratings provided to banks across the globe.

While Alfred is excited about the potential for growth and expansion in the industry, he remains focused on delivering value to clients and staying abreast of emerging technologies and trends that could shape the future of credit rating agencies.

Outside his professional life, Alfred enjoys staying active through working out and running, reflecting a balanced approach to both his personal and professional pursuits. As a valued member of the Banking, Finance, and Trade Finance Business Council in the International Trade Council, Alfred Jara Ibanez's contributions underscore his dedication to excellence and innovation in the field of credit rating and financial services.