Frank P. Amoyaw

Chief Executive Officer of Landmark Security Limited

Mr. Frank Amoyaw is a member of the International Trade Council and Chief Executive Officer of Landmark Security Limited (LMS). The company specializes in supporting complex onshore and offshore security projects. Frank’s extensive experience in energy security, maritime operations and security governance makes him an asset to the industry. Besides advancing responsible security practices in Africa, he is also committed to fostering dialogue between public, private, and industry players.

Frank holds a master’s degree in International and European Security from the University of Geneva, and a leadership diploma in security policy from the Geneva Center for Security Policy (GCSP). He also possesses an MPH from the University of Ghana, with a focus on global health security. His educational background equips him with a deep understanding of security policy and governance, and the complex issues surrounding the industry.

Frank has led Landmark Security to expand its operational footprints in Africa, establishing the company as a trusted provider of quality security services. Under his leadership, Landmark Security has progressively evolved and achieved industry certification including ISO 9001, ISO 18788, and PSC.1. Frank's commitment to excellence has led to him being elected to serve as a Board Director representing Africa on the International Code of Conduct Association (ICOCA) based in Geneva.

Frank recognizes the evolving nature of the security industry and the importance of meeting client expectations, including prioritizing employee rights, community engagement, and the promotion of human rights in business. He believes that maintaining good security governance, and ensuring personnel are adequately trained are an essential part of our success; and balancing safety and security with fundamental human rights remain key challenges in the industry.

Looking ahead, Frank envisions the security industry embracing new technologies and disruptive advancements such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. These innovations present opportunities for increased efficiency, agility, and competitiveness in the field. He encourages thought leadership, willingness, and preparedness to address challenges, and the promotion of diversity, including more women in security leadership.

For aspiring professionals entering the industry, Frank emphasizes the importance of patience, consistency, and building genuine relationships. He encourages simplicity in actions and cultivating connections with colleagues, clients, and industry professionals.

Frank remains calm and confident when faced with setbacks, taking responsibility for his actions, and seeking feedback to learn and improve. He believes in connecting with other professionals for guidance and support. He is a person of faith with belief in God.

Frank draws inspiration from his family and enjoys spending quality time with them. He values engaging conversations with his children and has a keen interest in learning new things.

The International Trade Council values Mr. Amoyaw’s expertise in security governance and commitment to responsible business practice. As the CEO of Landmark Security, he contributes to international trade by providing enhanced security solutions and fostering sustainable partnerships within the region.