Ehi Iden

Chief Executive Officer of Occupational Health And Safety Managers

Ehi Iden is the Chief Executive Officer of Occupational Health and Safety Managers (OHSM), a leading company in the health and safety industry. OHSM is composed of experts from various fields of medicine, paramedical sciences, and occupational health, safety, and wellbeing. The company provides comprehensive services ranging from fitness-to-work assessments to workplace risk management and international medical assistance.

With a background in workplace health and safety, Ehi holds an MBA and a Master's degree in Workplace Health and Safety. Currently, he is a Doctoral Fellow focusing on Workplace Health and Wellness Promotion. Ehi has acquired numerous certifications and training in various domains such as global health, patient safety, project management, and more.

Ehi's success in business can be attributed to his involvement in key projects and initiatives. Notably, he designed and managed a 24-hour site clinic for a telecommunications company, catering to over 2,000 employees for six years without any fatalities. He also spearheaded nationwide annual health assessments for a multinational company in Nigeria, demonstrating his expertise in managing large-scale projects.

As a member of the International Trade Council, Ehi actively contributes to the advancement of international trade in the health and safety industry. He has been involved in collaborations with organizations such as the World Health Organisation, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), and the African Union Development Agency (AU-DA), where he provided technical expertise and training related to occupational health and safety.

Ehi's professional accomplishments include being a member of the National Technical Working Committee for the draft of the National Patient Safety Policy in Nigeria, leading technical consultations for promoting ILO Convention 155 in ECOWAS member states, and offering COVID-19 response and risk assessment training for the Government of Lesotho.

Throughout his career, Ehi has witnessed significant changes in the industry. When he started in 2012, occupational health and safety practices were still gaining recognition in Nigeria. However, with the advent of technology and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of occupational health and safety has been emphasized, leading to increased credibility and growth within the industry.

While the industry continues to progress, Ehi acknowledges that challenges persist, particularly the absence of national occupational health and safety legislation in Nigeria. The lack of mandatory requirements hampers proper enforcement and implementation of occupational health and safety practices in organizations.

Looking ahead, Ehi envisions the industry evolving further with the establishment of OSHversity TDC, a company focused on training and capacity building in occupational health. Within the next decade, he aims to develop a self-paced virtual training hub through global partnerships, enabling individuals worldwide to access occupational health and safety education easily.

Ehi is enthusiastic about emerging technologies and trends in the industry, such as software and applications that facilitate workplace audits, risk assessments, and employee wellbeing monitoring. These advancements enhance efficiency and effectiveness in delivering occupational health and safety services.

To aspiring professionals in the industry, Ehi emphasizes the importance of continuous learning, seeking mentorship from experts, and prioritizing value delivery over financial gains. He advises tackling setbacks and challenges by embracing failure, learning from mistakes, and maintaining a resilient mindset.

Outside of his professional life, Ehi enjoys traveling, listening to conscious reggae music, and watching movies. His dedication to promoting occupational health and safety and his commitment to continuous improvement make him a respected figure in the field.