Bennett Savitz

Immigration Attorney of Savitz Law Offices, P.C.

Bennett Savitz is an accomplished immigration attorney and a member of the International Trade Council. He is the founder and principal attorney at Savitz Law Offices, P.C., specializing in immigration and nationality law. With extensive experience in the field, Bennett provides legal services to both corporate clients with business immigration needs and individual foreign nationals. He has built a solid reputation for his expertise in obtaining temporary visas, permanent resident (Green Card) status, naturalization, and resolving immigration-related issues.

Bennett Savitz graduated cum laude from the University of California at San Diego with a degree in Political Science. He further pursued his education at Boston University, earning an M.A. in International Relations and a J.D. degree. His academic achievements include graduating as an Edward F. Hennessey Scholar.

Bennett Savitz has been practicing immigration law exclusively since 1994. He has served on various committees of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), contributing to shaping immigration policies and procedures. As the Chapter Chair of the New England Chapter of AILA, Bennett has made significant contributions to the immigration bar. He frequently speaks at events and authors articles on immigration law topics.

Bennett Savitz's law firm, Savitz Law Offices, P.C., is dedicated to serving clients worldwide. The firm assists in obtaining nonimmigrant visas in various business immigration categories and specializes in securing permanent resident status (Green Card) for eligible individuals.

Bennett Savitz's professional accomplishments have garnered recognition within the legal community. Since 2008, he has been selected as one of Boston's Best Lawyers in Immigration Law by Best Lawyers of America. He has also been included in prestigious publications such as The International Who's Who of Corporate Immigration Lawyers, Super Lawyers, and Chambers and Partners.

Bennett Savitz acknowledges the challenges faced by the immigration industry. He believes that the demand for STEM workers has increased significantly, surpassing the available supply. Furthermore, he emphasizes the need for comprehensive immigration law reform to address the outdated and inadequate regulations. Bennett hopes for an efficient and effective U.S. immigration system that benefits everyone involved.

In advising newcomers to the industry, Bennett Savitz emphasizes patience due to the inherent challenges in the U.S. immigration system. He approaches setbacks and challenges with a focus on keeping things in perspective and prioritizing the best outcomes for his clients. Bennett draws inspiration from the great immigration lawyers who have served as his mentors throughout his career.

Through his expertise, dedication, and contributions to the field of immigration law, Bennett Savitz has established himself as a trusted attorney and valuable member of the International Trade Council. His commitment to assisting clients and advocating for immigration reform reflects his passion for international trade and the pursuit of a more effective and efficient immigration system.