Working Group Meeting Agenda Template

Working groups may want to follow this outline for a meeting agenda:

  1. Meeting goals, welcome, introductions
    1. Review goals of meeting
    2. Is there anyone new to the group this month we should introduce?
    3. Any other general housekeeping items to cover?
  1. Review: decisions we made at the last meeting (note: this language should be consistent with what you put in the follow up email after the meeting)
    1. How did we decide to focus our work (i.e., what we will do in the coming months, things we took off the table)?
    2. What new data or information did we see? What did it tell us?
  1. Discussion section: what are we covering today?
    1. What big topics do we have to discuss?
    2. What homework assignments do we have to cover? (see below for “Homework Tracker” template)
    3. What have we learned in our implementation in the last month (e.g., takeaways from focus groups)?
    4. What did the Steering Committee contribute to our “ask” last month?
    5. What is the status of our strategies and our progress against our implementation plan?
  1. Decision making: what do we need to decide today to move forward and what are the steps we need to take in the next months to make that happen?
    1. Identifying challenges
    2. Agreeing on next steps
    3. Assigning owners to to-dos, including answering research questions, making connections, conducting an interview, etc.
  1. Closure
    1. Identifying accomplishments in past month (success, anecdotal or quantitative)
    2. Identifying questions for the ITC Head Office