Willseal Ltd




Industry:  Construction Materials

Contact Person: Steve Robinson
Website: www.willseal.com
Email: steve@willseal.com
Telephone: +1 603 689 4277
Fax: +1 800 416 0550
Description: The original brand of pre-compressed joint sealants, constantly raises industry standards while continuing to expand around the globe. Willseal products have been specified and successfully installed on thousands of construction projects worldwide. Willseal is committed to bringing intelligent solutions to our customers by utilizing technology-driven designs to create superior sealant systems.

Willseal products are solid sealants with a uniform core, no unbonded lamination, and no cheap filler foams.

Fire Rated Systems have a first in class integral smoke barrier to provide additional security and life safety.

Willseal horizontal seals contain a specially designed water-barrier, laminated internally and tested to 30 psi of head pressure.