Webinars – June 2015

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A Manager’s Guide to Training that Gets Results 

Speaker: Marie Antaya, Eclectic Communications
Date: 3rd June 2013
Time: 10AM (Los Angeles), 12 Noon (Chicago), 6PM (London)

Learn About:

  • Components of a well-designed training program
  • Conditions that enable performance
  • The five steps to planning training
  • Assessing performance needs
  • Evaluating training needs
  • Designing a suitable training program
  • Supporting the transfer of learning

Pre-registration Form: https://www.anymeeting.com/PIID=EB58DB88804A30

Bridging Cultural Diversity for Competitive Advantage 

Speaker: Lionel Laroche, MultiCultural Business Solutions
Date: 8th June 2015 or 9th June 2015

This Webinar Will Help You To:

  • Understand the impact of culture on people
  • Analyze cross-cultural challenges throughout the talent management cycle
  • Discuss strategies to develop cultural competence and enhance employee engagement
  • Recognize the benefits of cultural diversity

Option 1 Time:
6PM 8th June (Los Angeles), 9PM 8th June (New York), 9AM 9th June (Hong Kong, Singapore), 11AM 9th June (Sydney)
Pre-registration Form: https://www.anymeeting.com/PIID=EB58DB88804938

Option 2 Time:
10AM 9th June (Los Angeles), 1PM 9th June (New York), 6PM 9th June (London)
Pre-registration Form: https://www.anymeeting.com/PIID=EB58DB8880493B

Improve Your Customer Process 

Speaker: Dave Sutton, TopRight
Date: 10th June 2013
Time: 7AM (Los Angeles), 10AM (New York), 3PM (London)

Learn About:

  • The impact of technology on customer purchasing and support patterns
  • Understand how digital has obliterated traditional customer processes
  • Explore an updated customer process model (the Customer “BuyWay”)
  • Identify ways to think about improving your marketing, sales and service processes
  • leveraging digital capabilities
  • How to take action – by conducting a 10 minute self-assessment of your organisation

Pre-registration Form: https://anymeeting.com/PIID=EB55D788804E3B


Creating an Innovation Centre of Excellence 

Speaker: Michael Stanleigh, Business Improvement Architects
Date: 18th June 2015 or 19th June 2015

Learn About:

  • The biggest challenges to creating a culture of innovation
  • Creating an Innovation Committee
  • Creating Vision for Innovation
  • Developing Strategies for Innovation
  • Creating a Culture of Innovation
  • Developing the Innovation Process

Option 1 Time:
6AM 18th June (Los Angeles), 9AM 18th June (New York), 2PM 18th June (London), 9PM 18th June (Hong Kong, Singapore), 11PM 18th June (Sydney)
Pre-registration Form: https://www.anymeeting.com/PIID=EB58DB8880493C

Option 2 Time:
6PM 18th June (Los Angeles), 9PM 18th June (New York), 9AM 19th June (Hong Kong, Singapore), 11AM 19th June (Sydney)
Pre-registration Form: https://www.anymeeting.com/PIID=EB58DB8880493E