US Incorporation, Virtual Office and Banking Package

Interested in exploring your opportunities in North America? Or, would you like to access the U.S. market by establishing a new legal entity?

For a limited time the International Trade Council is offering a special package that includes the incorporation of a US (Delaware) sole-member Limited Liability Company, tax (EIN) number, virtual office, phone and fax, US Government FDIC Insured business bank account with online banking and MasterCard debit card.

This turn-key solution provides a unique stepping-stone to entering the North American, Central American or South American market and can also be used as a stepping-stone to Europe for those businesses wishing to take advantage of various US free-trade agreements.


  • Name check and clearance
  • Preparation of articles
  • Electronic filing for a Delaware LLC
  • State incorporation fees
  • 12 months registered agent fee
  • Certificate of formation
  • LLC member agreement (corporate by-laws)
  • Digital copies of documents
  • Company Tax ID number / EIN number

Other Exclusive Benefits Included in Package:

  • Business bank deposit account 
  • Debit card (Only issued once you receive your first local payment)
  • US virtual office mail address
  • US phone number set up
  • US fax number set up

Package Price – $3000 USD
**Discounts may apply for ITC member organizations from time-to-time.

Benefits of a US (Delaware) LLC:

  • Gain credibility in owning an international office.
  • Protection of your name / brand.
  • Qualifying as a local company when bidding on certain contracts.
  • Potential qualification under various US Visa programs.
  • Being able to pay US-prices for certain technologies that are elsewhere more expensive.
  • Isolate overseas transactions & simplify bookkeeping.
  • Tax-free status depending on how the business is operated.