Unlocking the financial value of your artistic works

Hong Kong Arts Investment Company Limited (HKAIC) was founded in Hong Kong in 2012 and was approved to operate as a global financial intermediary in 2016. HKAIC has high liquidity and strong financial potential. Under global regulation: 1. To provide financing services quota for government projects. 2. To carry out various financing activities through different ways including artwork IPO.

As a global financial intermediary, HKAIC focuses on serving as a bridge in artwork fund trading, large currency conversion and project financing businesses. We have progressively established a reliable financial management system and trading platform. Providing a great number of valuable Chinese antiques, painting and calligraphy, we endeavor to create a capital shelter by helping resist financial crisis with artwork.

Our business

By releasing huge wealth of the artwork which has slept in Hong Kong for a century, we, as art financing provider, cooperate with customers with reliable background and financing needs to provide art financing and fund services.

Our main artwork financing. Our profits from artwork financing and bond issuance for projects. Trading ancient artwork, painting and calligraphy as current assets.

We turn artwork value into financing tools by accepting artwork from customers as relevant financial assets or securities. Art investment and art financing are two main activities of our art financing business.

About us
We cooperate with museums, banks, trust, collectors and world-class assessors in all parts of the world to provide interaction, demonstration, lending and trust management services for artwork granted with global authoritative certifications.

We welcome cooperation from banks-trusts-museums worldwide and world-class assessors to develop into a global artwork financial institution of international standard.

Highlights of our work
Our artwork includes masterpieces sold at extraordinary high final price in each auction. Each of them is worth more than 0.1 billion dollars:

A set of ancient china-ware of immense potential value or famous wares with documentary record or rarely found astound you in exhibitions! The HKAIC webpages show a full range of painted and glazed wares and ancient china-ware which impress with their values and splendor!

  1. Garlic-shaped blue and white porcelain vase from Ming dynasty painted with a drunk beauty
  2. Ambergris from Ming dynasty
  3. Red lacquer spherical vase with four character mark of Qianlong
  4. Household vase with interlocked rose pattern from Qing dynasty

The said artwork, part of our collection, has attracted attention of the general public and media, in particular the ambergris from Ming dynasty. As an approved global financial intermediary, we provide with customers worldwide with artwork financing and ways against financial crisis as art financing provider.

 Our aim:
The company aims to help obtain wealth for project financing parties, besides performing wealth interaction function by promoting artistic and cultural exchanges for the benefit of all mankind!

For more information, please visit our website: www.hkart999.com

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