Trade Commissioner Service

Trade Commissioners from the International Trade Council are available to advise and assist organizations on all aspects of foreign market entry.

Council Trade Commissioners can advise on customer acquisition, product & service adaptation, regulations and also assess commercial and political risk. They can also conduct foreign market research and establish contacts with foreign government agencies and other necessary resources, such as advertising companies, product service facilities, and local attorneys.

Trade Commissioners consultants can locate and qualify foreign joint venture partners, as well as conduct feasibility studies for the sale of manufacturing rights, the location and construction of manufacturing facilities, and the establishment of foreign branches. After sales agreements are completed, International Trade Council Trade Commissioners can also ensure that implementation is smooth and that any problems that arise are dealt with effectively.

Council Trade Commissioners usually specialize by subject matter and by global area or country. They can advise on which agents or distributors are likely to be successful, what kinds of promotion are needed, who the competitors are, and how to conduct business with them. They are also knowledgeable about foreign government regulations, contract laws, and taxation.

Talk confidentially to a trade specialist to learn more about selling your products globally, expanding into new foreign markets … and accessing local, state and federal resources to help you market your products overseas.

Advisory services are typically provided free of charge to our members (although we do reserve the right to restrict calls to the scheme by any member whose usage we judge to be disproportionate). Detailed market research may incur a charge.