Touchscreen Clinic Features Added to Provider 790 Clinic System

The International Trade Council - a peak-body, non-profit, international chamber of commerce. Dedicating to assisting businesses overcome technical barriers to trade, expand into new markets and connect with other businessesNILES, IL – June 12, 2017 — The expansion of clinics and ambulatory surgery centers have increased the need for well-organized workflow processes and efficient patient management within these facilities. By utilizing a clinic sequencing system for patients and clinicians, these facilities can see more patients in a day while increasing patient satisfaction by minimizing wait times.

Jeron Electronic Systems, Inc., the manufacturer of Provider 790 Nurse Call and Clinic System, includes a full set of features specifically designed for clinic operations. Using the Provider 790 system, standard clinic workflows and status are automated and tracked electronically including Exam Room Status, Clinician Sequencing, Clinician Location, Patient Rooming, and Procedure Timers. The newest addition to the Provider 790 system has been to extend these clinic-focused features into the Touchscreen Workflow Terminal in each exam/procedure room.

As a streamlined system, the clinic operation begins with Touchscreen Workflow Terminals or the 8-button Clinic Station within each exam or procedure room used to room patients. Each button press sets in motion a process to indicate and direct clinicians to their next patient with colored indications outside exam/procedure rooms, wall-mounted consoles in key staff areas, and over any PC on the facility’s LAN. Extending the clinic functionality to the Workflow Terminal, the touchscreen can be configured to indicate a patient in the room, indicate nurse and doctor locations, alert that a technician is needed, direct housekeeping to clean the room, timing an ongoing procedure, and more. The scalability of the Touchscreen Workflow Terminal supports over 60 custom buttons for both clinic and nurse call operation.

“The time a patient waits between staff visits significantly affects their experience and overall satisfaction. The Provider 790 clinic functionality gives clinicians a complete view of which rooms have patients, who has been waiting the longest, and where each clinician is needed next. This information streamlines the workflows within the clinic saving clinicians wasted steps and time. In turn, patient wait times are reduced and patient throughput is increased.” says Myles Cochran, Jeron Director of Marketing.

The Provider 790 Clinic features include:

  • Clinician sequencing; showing each clinician which patient they need to see next and how long they have been waiting
  • VIP “See Me Next” to manage which clinician is needed next for each patient
  • Managing multiple events (patient present, clinician present, clinician needed) for each exam/procedure room at the same time; each clinician has their own unique color indicator
  • Viewing room, patient, and clinician status from the dome light outside each room, wall-mounted touchscreen displays, and from any PC on the network
  • As part of the feature-rich Provider 790 Nurse Call System, facilities can readily add any nurse call features to their clinic operation for a complete turnkey solution.

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