Topics of Interest

Below is a non-exhaustive list of ideas for keynote presentations & panel discussions for ITC presentations.

You are also free to suggest your own topic or category for a presentation! 

Starting Your Business
– Finding Your Billion Dollar Idea
– Recognizing Great Ideas
– Validating Your Idea
– The Ins and Outs of Design and Prototyping
– Bringing Your StartUp to Life
– Finding The Right Partners
– Dealing with Co-Founders
– Choosing the Right Business Structure
– Allocating Equity to Staff
– How To Write a Business Plan
– Accounting 101
– Getting Your Finances in Order
– Brand Identity for StartUps
– Founder Compensation
– Product Pricing Strategies
– Beating Lower Priced Competitors
– Intellectual Property Protection
– Trade Mark Registration
– The Emotional Cost Of Being A Startup Founder
– Managing Your Relationships with Friends & Family During ‘Peak StartUp Phase’

Fund Raising & Incubation
– Splitting Equity
– The Funding Landscape – What Type of Funding, How and When?
– Where to Focus Before Raising Capital
– What is an Elevator Pitch?
– How to Design a Pitch Deck
– How to Pitch Investors
– 12 KPIs You Must Know Before Pitching Your Startup
– Things to Avoid When Pitching Investors
– How To Get Venture Capital Funding For Your Startup
– Series A, B, C, D, and E Funding: How It Works
– How to Leverage Connections to Raise Capital for Your Startup
– Types of Crowdfunding: Donation, Rewards, and Equity-Based
– Crowd-Funding Pros and Cons
– The Anatomy of a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign
– How Venture Capital Firms Work
– Types of Venture Capital Firms
– How to Find a Venture Capital Firm
– Closing Your First Investor – Things to Know
– Making Sure There is a Suitable Investor / Investee Match

Location Selection
– Doing Business in **COUNTRY / REGION***

Growing Your Business
– The Journey from StartUp to Stable Business
– Understanding the Ecosystem Inside and Outside of Your Organization
– Building a Product Roadmap
– Designing the Customer Journey
– 3 Essential Customer Service Metrics Every Team Should Measure
– Creating a Customer Service Culture
– Handling Product / Service Failure
– Developing Strategic Partnerships to Assist with Growht
– Bringing on External Advisors and Mentors
– Building a Content Marketing Strategy
– How to Make Customers the Focus of Your Marketing
– Revamping Your Marketing Plan
– Retaining Customers / Customer Loyalty 101
– Growing Your Team
– Breaking Down Silos
– Building a Diverse Team / the Importance of Diversity in Your Business
– Secrets to StartUp Hiring
– Changing the Roles and Duties of Team Members
– Streamlining Your Sales Process
– How to Hire a CFO
– Finding the Right People for Your Board of Directors
– PR Crisis Management

Managing Your Business
– Getting an Innovation Program Started
– Marketing in Times of Chaos
– When to Outsource, When to Insource
– Divvying Up Roles Between Co-Founders
– Using Data to Driving Decisions
– How to Accurately Measure Marketing ROI
– Managing Remote Teams
– Attracting & Retaining Talented Employees
– Essential Customer Service Metrics
– How to Effectively Managing Remote Workers
– How to Read Financial Reports
– Capitalizing on Your Board of Directors
– Making Your Business Meetings Productive
– Managing Your Relationship with the Media
– Keys to Successful Investor Relations
– How to Manage Insane Growth
– Saving Your Business from Co-Founder Conflict
– Ensuring a Successful Life/Work Balance
– Productivity Hacks
– Know Your Customer (KYC) for Compliance and Profit!
– Failing Fast!

PR, Marketing & Crisis Communications
-How to Manage Social Media in a PR Crisis
-Real-Time Crisis Management Tactics
-Leading your organization through a complex crisis
-Manage your risks before they manage you
-Building your capacity to respond and recover
-Business Continuity Lifecycle
-Managing your reputation in a crisis
-Doing more with less
-Creating an adaptable communications strategy
-How to best communicate brand action

Supply Chain Management
– Rethinking your supply chain
– Optimizing Resilience and Costs
– Leveraging Smart Manufacturing
– Supply Chain Management and HR
– Ways for Supply Chains to Create a Competitive Advantage
– Leveraging Data & Analytics to Reinforce Supply Chain Resilience
– Supply Chain Digitization
– Continuity Management of your Supply chain
– How to measure, prove and optimize the value of your supply chain

– How to Pivot Sales and Marketing Online
– How to Create A Measurable Marketing Strategy
– Outbound Sales Success
– How to boost lead generation, nurture and retention in times of uncertainty
– The key global trends impacting marketing insights
– What consumers expect from brands today
– Marketing to ‘boomers’
– Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore
– Creating a Sales Pipeline
– Visualization & Vigilance: How to Convert Your Website Data into Business Intelligence
– Ways To Turn Website Visitors Into Leads
– Content Marketing
– Elements You Should Include to Your Marketing Plan
– How understanding customer journeys helps brands drive more sales
– How to understand your ideal customer profile
– How to Create and Deliver Impressive C-suite Presentations
– How to Create a Scalable Global Content Marketing Strategy
– How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Sales and Marketing

International Trade & Legal
– Legal Aspects of International Trade
– Export Financing During Uncertain Times
– What Businesses Should know About Tariffs, Trade Actions, and Supply Chains
– Building International Partnerships in an Unpredictable Global Environment
– Export Control Risks in Turbulent Times
– Trade Tensions: Sanctions & Tightening Regulations
– Unique Risks Involving Technology Transfer
– Export Control Reform
– Licensing Basics: Pharma Products for the USA market
– Licensing Basics: Food & Agricultural Products for the USA market
– Future of the WTO, Trade Remedies and Trade Wars
– Sanctions: What are they and how do they affect your business?
– Foreign investment review trends
– Global FTA Developments
– Certificates of Origin
– Classifying Your Products for Importing and Exporting
– Creating an International Sales Contract
– Expanding Your Exports with Trade Finance Tools
– Incoterms® 2020 In Practice
– KYC Procedures for Foreign Buyers
– Debt Collecting Internationally
– Contract Enforcement
– What To Do When an International Buyer Refuses to Pay
– Introduction to Shipping Dangerous Goods
– Understanding the US Inland Bill of Lading
– Invoicing in Foreign Currencies
– WIN MORE BUSINESS: Offering credit terms to your foreign buyers
– The ATA Carnet

Business Trends and Innovations
– Keeping Ahead of the Competition
– Innovation Methodologies
– Scouting Trends & Tech
– Harnessing Artificial Intelligence in Your Business
– Strategy Design and Innovation
– Tactics for Disruptive Thinking in Times of Change
– The Post-Covid Technology Landscape
– Will Coronavirus Be the Tipping Point for Virtual Reality?
– Megatrends Which Have Been Influenced by the COVID19 Crisis
– Generational Chaos & Consequences
– Finding Overlooked Ideas Using Patterns and Megatrends
– Changes in Consumer Behavior
– Homes of Tomorrow
– Businesses of the Future
– How Covid has Impacted the Workplace
– Artificial Intelligence
– Internet of Things
– The Future of Tech
– The Future of FinTech
– Touchless Retail
– Authentic CSR
– The Evolution of Social Media

Exiting Your Business
– 8 Business Exit Strategies
– Mistakes to Avoid When Existing Your Business
– Writing an Exit Strategy
– Staff Buy-Outs
– Succession Planning Definition and Goals
– Valuing Your Business
– Prepping Your Business for Sale