About the Book

"The Role of Blockchain in International Trade" explores the innovative integration of blockchain technology into the international trading system. The book commences with an introduction to blockchain and its increasing adoption across various industries. It examines the relevance of blockchain in global trade and delves into the current state and the associated challenges of the international trade system. Further, it highlights the potential benefits of blockchain, such as enhanced security, transparency, quicker processing times, reduced transaction costs, and improved traceability of goods. Various use cases, including trade financing, digital identity verification, smart contracts, and supply chain management, are discussed to demonstrate the practical applications of blockchain. However, it doesn't shy away from addressing the regulatory and technical challenges that blockchain faces in international trade, as well as the need for integrating it into existing trade systems. The book concludes by discussing the future outlook of blockchain technology, emphasizing its potential impact and the necessity for collaborative efforts in implementing blockchain-based solutions.