The HarBeck Company Announces “Job Fit” Hiring Tools

Dallas, TX, July 27, 2015 – The HarBeck Company, the privately held provider of pre-employment testing and executive coaching, recently announced that it is expanding the array of pre-employment hiring assessments available to employers.  “The demand is high for accurate and thorough predictors of performance and job fit,” said company president, Riley Harvill.  “Turnover and poor performance are killing profits for small to medium sized companies.  What looks to be the perfect employee during an interview turns out to be anything but just six months later,” he said.  “Too many interviewers are left scratching their heads and wondering what they saw in the first place. What happened to that upbeat attitude, the drive to accomplish vital objectives and the inclusive demeanor?  It’s an expensive mistake.”

Harvill indicates that the primary objective is to accurately predict employee performance long term.  “Hiring the wrong person is not unlike dating the attractive young woman or man in high school.  Everything he/she said and did was adorable and you could find no fault. The simple fact of the matter is that the “honeymoon” phase exists in hiring just as it does in love and the post-honeymoon-real-relationship phase with the wrong hire negatively affects so many things including employee morale, customer service, profits, even the integrity of the organization.

Over the past 23 years, HarBeck has provided pre-employment testing and onboarding as well as executive staff coaching with organizations from every industry type.  Available tools are chosen among relatively quick online assessments or more complex challenging simulations where candidates are placed in fictitious companies and observed in how they handle challenging leadership situations.  The take-away is an integrated report within 24 hours with answers to the most important questions including:  Should we hire this person?  Is this person capable of high performance now or, if not, then when?  How quickly can this person learn?  Equally important, assessment results also focus where training dollars should be spent; an advantage over budget-busting shotgun approaches.

“Our sales growth is a reflection of our ability to meet the very basic concern over hiring the right people so that the organization is consistently moving forward with its products and services,” said Harvill.  “Companies are increasingly recognizing the high costs surrounding poor hiring and the obvious need to reduce these costs.

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