The Fatigue Mat Company



Member Level: Standard Member
Contact Person: Phillip Layne
Address: PO Box 1928
Rancbo Mirage California 92260
United States
Phone: +1 424 248 3932 Fax: +1 760 610 1044


Worldwide distributors of anti-fatigue mats since 1993.
These anti-fatigue mats are used anywhere employees must stand at there job long periods of time.

The benefits of these anti-fatigue mats are as follows:

1) Promotes employee wellness
2) Immediate increase in productivity and employee morale due to workplace comfort
3) Guaranteed reduction of exposure to prolonged cold, heat and vibration
4) Reduces spinal compression
5) Increases circulation
6) Ergonomically designed guarantee reduction of leg, foot, and ankle fatigue
The mats are made in the United States from recycled automobile tires.