The Clinical Training Center for Family Planning (CTCFP) in Cameroon

Upgrading Community Healthcare Providers knowledge in family planning, care and basic life saving know-how is imperative.

– Dr Gwewasang C. Martin


With world attention focused on achieving Family Planning 2020 (FP2020) and other global health goals, there is an urgent need to upgrade the skills of community healthcare providers working in Sub-Sahara Africa and beyond.

In Cameroon, 3 out of 5 providers have limited knowledge on how to provide contraceptive information, services and supplies in simple emergency situation. The CTCFP proposes to conduct 288 health clinics, train at least 1,500 providers, 3,000 midwives and 10,000 promoters in family planning, sexual and reproductive health, care and basic life saving know-how. The CTCFP is a public/private partnership initiative authorized by the Ministry of Public Health in 2012, but still at its start-up phase. The CTCFP is an ambitious project where policymakers, donors, investors and business leaders can turn for win-win solutions.

Training more providers to providers provide quality and affordable family planning services, especially in hard-to-reach areas is the only sure way ofachieving FP2020. The FP2020 Global Partnership is an outcome of the 2012 London Summit on Family Planning and is based on the principle that all women, no matter where these women and girls live, should have access to life saving contraceptives. The training is based at various levels and entrenched in service learning methodology — combining online and distant study, class room lectures, skills training, cultural immersion and community service to foster personal development and nursing leadership.

The CTCFP is a flag-ship project of Adele Reproductive Health Foundation, a registered community-based non-profit established in 2000. The organization is working to contribute to the achievement of major global efforts, especially efforts towards promoting family planning, sexual and reproductive health, AIDS-free generation, Ending Preventable Child and Maternal Deaths. The Founder and Principal Lecturer is a Consultant in sexual and reproductive health field.

According to Beth Schlachter, FP2020 Executive Director, “achieving the FP2020 goal is a critical milestone to ensuring universal access to sexual and reproductive health care services by 2030, as laid out in Sustainable Development Goal 3.”.

Community Healthcare Providers are a first point of care for many people and are essential partners to achieving the FP2020 and other global health goals. Yet, they are often overlooked in healthcare development programs. In order to achieve the FP2020 strategy, we need to train more providers to support many more girls and women now, than ever before to access life-saving and life-changing family planning information, services, and supplies.

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