The ASOPS Engine, driving resolution up and scan time down

Stockport, UK:
Laser Quantum has released its latest new product, the ASOPS Engine, a next generation time-domain spectroscopy system. The product boasts extremely fast acquisition speeds up to 20 kHz and unprecedented time-resolution; significantly below 60 fs for 1 GHz lasers, and 100 fs for 84MHz lasers. The ASynchronous OPtical Sampling (ASOPS) technique enables fast scan rates and long measurement windows whilst maintaining excellent time resolution, ideal for a range of applications including ultrafast time domain spectroscopy and high resolution terahertz spectroscopy. The ASOPS Engine provides benefits that cannot be achieved using conventional time-delay spectrometers.

The ASOPS engine is comprised of two femtosecond lasers, a TL-1000 ASOPS for offset frequency stabilisation, an optical trigger unit, a high-speed balanced optical photo receiver, a personal computer housing the data acquisition card and the HASSP-Scope software for measurement and analysis of time-domain data.

Matthias Beck, Product Manager of the ASOPS Engine at Laser Quantum, said: “For years, Laser Quantum’s ASOPS technique has been the work horse in scientific research where low noise, high resolution and fast acquisition speeds were required. Through continuous improvement our ASOPS platform offers the best time resolution on the market and is now compatible with our 84 MHz laser range. This enables new experiments to be undertaken that, until now, have been troublesome with conventional setups.”

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