Tenders – Valves

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Reference Title Deadline Agency Country Shortlink
Mill valve spares. September 5, 2016 NTPC Ltd India https://goo.gl/6vL91u
BFP RECIRCULATION VALVE SPARES AT BARH September 5, 2016 NTPC Ltd India https://goo.gl/CslZBS
API 6D Swing Check Valve September 5, 2016 Pipelines HO India https://goo.gl/DgJ6lM
SUPPLY OF HPBP VALVES-SIMHADRI September 5, 2016 NTPC Ltd India https://goo.gl/ulpkUV
 VALVE,GATE (W8482-178467/B) September 7, 2016 Public Works and Government Services Canada Canada https://goo.gl/cBlUnh
SPARES-LPBP VALVE September 7, 2016 Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited India https://goo.gl/d5Tqc2
Spares for spool valve for BOBR wagon. September 7, 2016 NTPC Ltd India https://goo.gl/hS8KyM
BUTTERFLY VALVE 3″ CLASS 150RF September 8, 2016 Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Hyderabad India https://goo.gl/ylvLnP
 Replacement and Rebuild of Multiple Curb Stop Valves CFIA Lethbridge Laboratory located at Township Road 9-1, Lethbridge, Alberta (G00186) September 9, 2016 Canadian Food Inspection Agency Canada https://goo.gl/XGXPja
AN-52536, GATE VALVES September 9, 2016 Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd. India https://goo.gl/pJC4cv
AN-52640, GATE VALVES September 9, 2016 Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd. India https://goo.gl/V70TXm
600Nb CI Gate Valve September 9, 2016 NTPC Ltd India https://goo.gl/vj7bAi
Procurement of Dual Plate Check Valve for discharge line of fire water pumping units September 10, 2016 WRPL Chaksu India https://goo.gl/Xx4hG0
 VALVE,BALL (W8482-178482/B) September 12, 2016 Public Works and Government Services Canada Canada https://goo.gl/cLi9B2
Supply of Dresser make valve spare parts September 12, 2016 Paradip Refinery India https://goo.gl/Uy2uKp
SOLENOID VALVES ASCO MAKE September 13, 2016 NTPC Ltd India https://goo.gl/k1QQNt
VALVE SPARES OF FLOWSERVE September 14, 2016 Panipat Refinery India https://goo.gl/x62uAO
81203/LP/MOS/EVALVE September 16, 2016 IHQ of MoD (Army)-(OSCC) India https://goo.gl/Er2MNy
Butterfly Valves September 19, 2016 Haldia Refinery India https://goo.gl/ayda2N
Proc.of Valve Cone and Spindle of IPSV September 19, 2016 NTPC Ltd India https://goo.gl/PJMHvM
SUPPLY OF JACKETED BALL VALVES FOR UD September 20, 2016 The Fertilisers And Chemicals Travancore Ltd. India https://goo.gl/mjEuMk
VALVES September 23, 2016 Integrated Defence Staff India https://goo.gl/VlDwEr