Tenders – Tools

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Reference Title Deadline Agency Country Shortlink
TENDER NO. REA/2016-2017/NT/023 SUPPLY OF TOOLS & SPARES FOR DIESEL POWER STATIONS September 9, 2016 Rural Electrification Authority Kenya https://goo.gl/T1XHSm
TOOLS AND PALNTS September 10, 2016 IHQ of MoD (Army)-(OSCC) India https://goo.gl/OSKfcN
Supply of new tools and plant items for AGE (I) (AF) Sambra September 10, 2016 E-IN-C BRANCH – MILITARY ENGINEER SERVICES India https://goo.gl/hxUzaG
GDC/INFRA/PQ/005/2016:2017 TENDER FOR PREQUALIFICATION OF CIVIL EQUIPMENT (ON HIRE) September 13, 2016 Geothermal Development Company Limited Kenya https://goo.gl/4xGgDy
Top Block Assy. Double cylinder for EKG Shovel September 20, 2016 Central Coalfields Limited India https://goo.gl/imQoJD
Supply of Tracker 224 Digital Panel Meter September 20, 2016 Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd India https://goo.gl/JIlHvH
2016-459 Screwdriver, Flat Tip, Cabinet, 1/4″, 6″ Blade September 26, 2016 Department of the Army United States https://goo.gl/08x7zC
2016-460 Nutdriver, 7mm September 26, 2016 Department of the Army United States https://goo.gl/tVriRO
2016-458 Combination Wrench, 19mm, 12Pt September 26, 2016 Department of the Army United States https://goo.gl/mZ2wG7