Tenders – Social Services

Please note that the text on this page include a mixture of AU-English, CA-English, UK-English and US-English. Variations exist between each of these language-sets and depend on the source of the tender.

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Reference Title Deadline Agency Country Shortlink
16-MR-RFP-70 Awareness Campaign on Human Rights and the IHCHR in Iraq September 6, 2016 UN Iraq https://goo.gl/g6RMjK
N6883616KB001 G–CHAPLAIN – CATHOLIC PRIEST September 7, 2016 Department of the Navy United States https://goo.gl/9g4Rn0
DFAT-118 Support Unit for the Australian Humanitarian Partnership September 12, 2016 Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade – Australian Aid Program Australia https://goo.gl/JP9n5B
REOI 70008087 Request for Expressions of Interest (REOI) for the Humanitarian Settlement Program 13 September 2016 Department of Social Services Australia https://goo.gl/al2yi9
SP4705-17-R-Continuity-Crisis-Management Continuity and Crisis Management Support September 24, 2016 Defense Logistics Agency United States https://goo.gl/je7Bqn
23247 Wandsworth Talking Therapy Services December 9, 2016 NHS Shared Business Services Ltd (NHS SBS) United Kingdom https://goo.gl/CR6Cv3
 Community Residential Facilities (21120-16-2222662) December 30, 2016 Correctional Service of Canada Unspecified https://goo.gl/afZuDr
EASME/COSME/2016/018. Social business initiative (SBI) follow-… 21/09/2016 Executive Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (EASME) Europe https://goo.gl/AY0luV