Tenders – Architectural

Please note that the text on this page include a mixture of AU-English, CA-English, UK-English and US-English. Variations exist between each of these language-sets and depend on the source of the tender.

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Reference Title Deadline Agency Country Shortlink
W912DS-16-S-0026 IDC M-321. General Architect Engineering services in support of the Cadet Barracks Upgrade Program at the U.S. Military Academy and other General A-E Services within NAN/NAD Boundaries September 7, 2016 Department of the Army United States https://goo.gl/hzfo6k
 RFAP – Standing Offer Agreement (SOA) for Architectural and Engineering Consultant Services, 3CDSG Calgary, Alberta (CA176237) September 20, 2016 Defence Construction Canada Canada https://goo.gl/Uls2jx