Telecoms Sector Working Group


Roland Bissell
Convergent Telecom
convergent telecom

Founding Group Members:

Name Surname Company Country Website
Loy Sehemba Zanzibar Telecom (ZANTEL) Tanzania
Vatche Kaloussian LVM Tech Canada
Ameer Hussain0Aamir Callathon Inc (Malaysia) Malaysia
Farook Hossain Khan FeximCo Canada Canada
JJ Johnson Cornell Communications United States of America
Roland Bissell Convergent Telecom Canada
Sandeep Kumar Uniserve Communications Canada
Richard Desmarais Pragmatic Conferencing Solution Corp Canada
Godefroy Mackita Sibiti Corporation Canada Canada
Pauline Ruitenberg Marlink AS Norway
Bianca Scambetterra Cogeco Communications Canada
Bernard Mitchell B Mitchell Group United States of America
Frank Carmel Carmel & Carmel PC United States of America
Neil Ende Technology Law Group United States of America
Lynn Cole Law Offices of Lynn Cole United States of America


Web Conference Room:

Dial-in / Telephone Access (not needed if you are online via web conference):
See list of numbers here   – Participant PIN number: 252377#