Successful Conference of Eurojuris and Asiajuris in Dubai

From October 18 to 20 Dubai was the host for the International Congress of Eurojuris International and Asiajuris.

Eurojuris is the leading network of independent law firms in Europe, with members based in 650 different cities/locations in about 50 countries, not only in Europe but worldwide. Eurojuris International represents about 600 law firms and 6 000 lawyers.

Eurojuris is expanding its international network by strengthening its presence in Asian jurisdictions.  A new association called Asiajuris was founded to become the home of the existing and newly joining law firms in Asia.

More than 100 participants joined for the congress in Dubai, making the event one of the best attended in the recent history of the association. Reason for this success was due to the numerous guests from Asia, including lawyers for example from China, Thailand, India and the Philippines.

Mr. Michael Proksch, the Chairman of Eurojuris called the event “a role model for further events” and Mr. Willem Smit, the Chairman of Asiajuris, considers the congress “an important and at the same time very successful first step in the build-up of the new association”.

Constanza Fernandez Reyes
Communications Consultant
Phone: +971 4 4069600