Strategies for Providing Sustainable Food, Health, Shelter Development Projects in Needy Communities

ASSESSMENT: The world population has been increasingly dividing into two major groups, “the Needy” and “the Wealthy”.  The majority of the population in developing countries are the needy, the landless, the scavenger, the subsistence farmer, laborer, etc., who have difficulty earning enough natural or man-made resources, capital, and the opportunity to escape poverty.  They do not have sufficient means and opportunities to earn a little better living condition.  Some choose the risky road of escaping as refugees to other developed nations hoping for a better life.  In addition, there have been so many wars among nations for years that the pain and hunger have been intensifying their misery.  To correct this miserable situation, resulting from natural and man-made disasters and war-torn countries, many world organizations pour in trillions of dollars assisting those being affected by those destructive events.  Fortunately, they can help temporarily relieve them of some of those pains but “the Needy” still remain in poverty.  So, what can we contribute to this noble effort regardless of how minute it is?  I believe that we can and must try.  The why is explained below.

I believe that in a simplistic way, there are individuals who are born poor, lacking education and job opportunities.  They need a helping hand, not a handout, so that they can work and earn a better life for them and their families with some food to eat, minimum health care, and a roof to cover their heads.

“The Wealthy” have an easier life because of their assets but what can they leave behind when they die?  Obviously, they can leave behind their accumulated materials, but they will take with them their most valuable assets – “their knowledge and experience” – which they accumulated throughout their lives.  Now for the sunset years of the more privileged, what can we do beyond enjoying leisure cruises, visiting families and friends, giving to charity?  Yes, those enjoyable activities are very important to our lives after many years of working.  However, if some of us could find a way to transfer our valuable knowledge and experience to alleviate “the needy and the-have-nots” to a little better life instead of allowing those valuable assets to disappear when we leave this world, our senior years would be exponentially beautiful.  THE GIFTS OF KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE ARE EXTREMELY VALUABLE IN HELPING MANY OTHERS.  THEY ARE TOO VALUABLE TO BE WASTED.


SOLUTION:  This project will need a starting budget of US$500,000.00.  Dr. Thanh Nguyen is now putting up his commercial real estate property (36,590 sf land and 5182 sf building, located at 2107 E 17th Street, Santa Ana, California, USA to contribute this first investment amount into the project to get it started immediately.   The estimated value of the property is US$3,300,000.  We appreciate a buyer to give a helping hand to convert this property into capital to help the needy.

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Thanh Duc Nguyen, Ph.D.
Cell: 717-404-6265 (USA)