Spill Magic






Member Level: Standard Member
Contact Person: Mike Corbean
Address: 630 Young Street
Santa Ana, California 92705
United States
Phone: +1 800 969 1467 Fax: +1 714 557 4799
Website: www.spillmagic.com
Email: mike@spillmagic.com

Spill Magic is a safety company specializing in absorbants. They focus on partnering with safety and risk managers at retailers, grocery stores, restaurants, hotel chains and government agencies to reduce slip and fall accidents in their locations.

In the fall of 1995 the company developed an absorbent-based Slip and Fall Reduction Program we call the Spill Magic “Spill Response System”. It is now being used throughout the U.S. thousands of times everyday in national and regional grocery, retail, big box and and countless other retail stores; as well as food service & hotel chains, distribution centers, municipalities & industry specific distibutors of all types.

The company also specializes in developing products specifically to our customer’s specifications. These include hazmat and biohazard cleanup kits.