ShareParts LLC announces the launch of its business continuity plan solution, PlanBcp Version 2.2, on the Microsoft Office Store

Renowned Microsoft SharePoint solutions provider, ShareParts LLC, launches its business continuity plan, PlanBcp, on Microsoft Office Store; ensuring businesses recover swiftly from disaster

Companies across the globe especially small businesses often fail to make plans for disasters or situation that could lead to data loss or situations where they are unable to gain access to their primary place of business or data source. This sometimes leads to the crippling of operations until normalcy can be restored and in most cases, businesses can only count their losses.

With statistics from the Red Cross stating that as much as 40{bfa08a400c7550404055ff04715e84c9172815d33c25eb3b84e230636ecdc007} of small businesses fail to reopen after a major disaster, with those that recover taking over three months to bring the business to normalcy, the need to have a business continuity plan or a plan B in case of disaster is imperative.

A business continuity plan like that launched by ShareParts ensures that the business and its assets are not only protected even without an all-encompassing insurance coverage plan, but everyone related to the business is on the same page, even in the case of a disaster. A BCP also ensures that damages can be easily contained in case of a disaster.

The Version 2.2 of PlanBcp brings together the groups required in disaster recovery and business continuity planning in one single place on Office365 / SharePoint Online. The cloud based Software as a Service solution also ensures small businesses get back to their optimal operating capacity almost immediately after a disaster, taking them through simple yet effective disaster recovery or business continuity plan.

The solution covers every aspect of the business can be easily modified to fit into the peculiarities of the business.


About ShareParts LLC

ShareParts LLC is a technology outfit focused on providing businesses with a Plan B, ensuring that disasters and emergencies do not cripple their operations. The company has offices in Canada and the United States, with a combined experience of over 20years of SharePoint experience.

ShareParts LLC create Solutions, Features, WebParts, WebSites, Integration and Migration Services for Microsoft SharePoint for businesses across the globe, with the PlanBcp Version 2.2 recently launched on Microsoft Office Store.

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