The day-to-day running of the International Trade Council is carried out by a Secretariat. The Secretariat is headed by a Secretary-General and has a volunteer team of approximately 40 members, dedicated to providing information on, and resolving, technical barriers to trade.

All employees have been instructed to work from home for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic.  Mail only will be accepted at the mailing address / post box for the Council. For more information, please see the note entitled: keeping our employees safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Secretariat is structured as follows:

Ronald Adams
Amber Carter

Arjun Laghari, Technical Lead

Nancy Lee

Gerald Parker

Sarah Robinson

Jesus Ruiz

Heather Taylor

Richard Washington
Ron Nolasco, Sr Trade Commissioner

Anita Fox
Melanie Walker, Administrator

Patricia Cook

Randy Hall

Tammy Lee

Ansh Patel

Phillip Smith
Mukesh Agarwal

Md. Rafiqal Islam, IT Manager
Eric Mitchell
Barry Allison, Operations Manager

Elaine Jane

Angelica Mccoy

Lyle Nguyen

Pablo Nunez

Sonja Rice
Onyx Connor, Sr. Trade Commissioner

Bruce Davis, Trade Commissioner

Nina Escarda, Administrator

Sarah Evans, Trade Commissioner

Jerry Walker, Trade Commissioner

Justin Patterson, Trade Commissioner

Carlos Rivera, Sr. Trade Commissioner

Ashley Ward, Trade Commissioner

Jason Wood, Trade Commissioner
Laurenz Dufale
(assistant to Deputy Chair Dr Tristan)