Scranton Manufacturing / New Way

Scranton Manufacturing / New Way


Member Level: Large Corporate Member
Contact Person: Phillip Allen
Address: 101 State St
Scranton Iowa 51462
United States
Phone: +1 712 652 3396 Fax: +1 712 652 3399
Website: Twitter: @newwaytrucks


New Way offers a full line of affordable refuse equipment which includes: front loaders, rear loaders, satellite bodies, recycling bodies, roll-off systems, side loaders and automated side loaders in sizes ranging from 6 yd. to 43 yd. The company also offers factory CNG integration on most models, resulting in quicker turnarounds and lower costs for customers.

New Way is a highly motivated team of experienced and talented individuals who have been committed to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction for over 43 years. New Way refuse trucks represent the best values in the industry with superior service and support over the life of the product. Combining economy with safety, performance and durability, New Way® is proud to manufacture the finest equipment for customers around the world.