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Member Level: Standard Member
Contact Person: Richard Miller
Address: 1475 County Rd W
White DeerTexas79097
United States
Phone: +1 806 883 7621 Fax: +1 806 883 6804
Website: Twitter: @Scarabmfg


OEM Manufacturer of SCARAB windrow composters. SCARAB composting turners are capable of composting windrows from 8 foot wide to 27 foot wide at the base and from 4 foot tall to 11 feet tall – composting material that is organic or bio-degradable including manure, yard waste, sewage, green waste, food waste.

SCARAB has been in business for over forty years and, with countless innovations, has become the world’s leading manufacturer of self-propelled windrow turners and machines throughout the USA and in 19 other countries. Today’s innovations make SCARAB a leader in fuel efficiency, production capacity, reliability, and low operating costs.