Saudi Arabia passes new laws requiring oxo-biodegradable packaging

In April this year Regulations in Saudi Arabia came into force requiring manufacturers, brand owners and importers to prove that their plastic products are oxo-biodegradable, by using a masterbatch during the manufacturing of their products which has been approved by SASO (Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organisation).

The new regulations in Saudi Arabia follow in the footsteps of similar legislation in the United Arab Emirates, which came into force many years ago.  The UAE and Saudi Arabian governments have led the way in being proactive and pragmatic in recognition of the fact that it is not possible to collect all plastic waste and some will inevitably escape into the open environment, where conventional plastic can last for decades, blocking water courses and posing a serious threat to wildlife.

The legislation in both countries will ensure that plastic products made with d2w technology will not be an environmental nuisance in the future.

Symphony Environmental Technologies Plc, global specialists in oxo-biodegradable and antimicrobial plastic technologies, have been granted a licence in the UAE and Saudi Arabia for their d2w masterbatch.

This technology is suitable for a wide range of plastic products, which for all intents and purposes looks and behaves exactly the same as conventional plastic.  If collected during its useful life it can be recycled to make similar products. However if it escapes collection and ends up in the open environment,  it will degrade and biodegrade in the same way as nature‚Äôs waste only quicker, without leaving fragments of plastic or toxic residues behind.

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