Sadiqa Quality Business

Sadiqa DMCC is a business expansion and marketing consultancy, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Sadiqa, as its name says is your guiding ‘friend’ in the region, offering companies local know-how, cross cultural guidance for project management.

Sadiqa DMCC is pleased to announce the recently awarded Quality in Business Certification, which is an independent, third party evaluation program. It is the only global assessment methodology and business certification standard designed to highlight participating organizations commitment to innovation, continuous improvement and adherence to global best business practices.

The Quality in Business Certification will be displayed by Sadiqa to help our consumers identify the consulting company as one which is sound, honest, efficient, which has implemented best business practices, and cares about their community.

The Quality in Business Certification Program ensures there are clear processes and (communication) structures, tasks and responsibilities, which are managed throughout the entire organization. This increases the involvement of our staff and aims to improve the working atmosphere and reduce the pressure of work.

A key factor is that these processes improve customer service for a variety of reasons. It identifies key areas that are most important and a priority to our customers, by outlining the processes on how they can be implemented based on our customers expectations and needs.

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