Royal India Holidays makes the Dream of Luxury Travel a Reality for Globetrotters

Royal India Holidays leverages its 18 years in the industry to deliver exquisite journeys through the diverse tapestry of India.

New Delhi, 11.17.2015: With the growth of tourism infrastructure in India, Royal India Holidays Private Limited as been able to make luxury holidays a reality for travel enthusiasts around the world. With exceptional expertise in planning and service delivery, partnering with these travel experts is an effective way to assault your senses with the psychedelic fabric that forms India.

With an understanding that travel makes for some of the most enriching experiences in an individual’s life, Royal India Holidays has been able to design the most enchanting holiday packages that allow visitors to experience the paradox of climate, culture, sceneries, foods and history within a few miles from each other.

“While we all choose to live our lives in unique ways, what I find the most interesting is to observe how different people spend their time and why they choose to do it in a particular way. Some of the most insightful learnings about oneself and others happen during travel,” says Mr. Newton Singh, who’s passion for travel and sharing the love for exploring is evident in his talk.

Wholesome luxury holidays through experiences such as the “Palace on Wheels”, “The Maharaja Express”, a Honeymoon in Udaipur or a few nights stay at some of the most enchanting forts and palaces converted into luxury hotels come together to create memories that are etched in the heart for a lifetime.

With the keen understanding of the value a holiday holds in an individual’s life, Royal India Holiday has been successful in leveraging its knowledge of the country and the pulse of a global traveller to provide some unforgettable and highly inspiring experiences. With a team of extremely amicable, proactive and learned travel experts, the holidays planned are perfectly tailored to the needs of the individuals or travel groups.

With 18 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry, the company has witnessed impressive growth exactly in an age where travellers are more informed and businesses a lot more competitive. This growth has been attributed to the focus on luxury travel that goes beyond booking the right hotels and flights but providing wholesome experiences that are soaked in opulence and comfort.

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Newton Singh

Founder and Director


About the Company

Royal India Holidays Private Limited comes with 18 years of experience in the Indian travel and tourism industry. Today, it is most renowned for its luxury holidays and escorted tours for international travellers wanting to explore the diverse land of India.