Rimex Supply Ltd

Rimex Supply Ltd

Rimex Supply Ltd






Industry: Automotive Parts & Equipment

Contact Person: JamesRead
Website: www.rimex.com
Email: james.read@rimex.com
Telephone: +1 604 796 5502
Description: The introduction of industrial radial tires has yielded tremendous design and performance benefits, and only RIMEX MES and TSR Series’ of rims and wheels are specifically designed to ensure top radial performance. The robust MES series easily absorbs the significant increase in stress transferred to the wheel and rim base by radial tires. In its state of the art manufacturing process, RIMEX custom machining achieves:

•                    rounder, stronger wheels and rims

•                    uniform tire bead seals

•                    superior flanges, bead seat bands and lock ring fitments

•                    higher safety factors

•                    longer lasting rims and tires