The International Trade Council works to link government agencies, public research institutions, universities and industry in discussions surrounding domestic and international trade.

Council programmes create a large, living library of good practices, which government agencies to assess the impact and relevance of what they are doing. It also helps to communicate business thinking and business practices to a wider audience.

Aims of the service

The Council’s aim is to help industry and policy-makers to improve their performance and enhance innovation by:

  • Creating and disseminating cross-industry best practices and critical knowledge
  • Achieving networks of high-quality hands-on R&D and Innovation experts
  • Building initiatives in partnerships with its major stakeholders to address cross-industrial big challenges

Providing independent insight

The ability for a government agency to fully understand and effectively interact with individuals and businesses starts with the accuracy, relevancy and reliability of its data. Leveraging third-party data sources allows agencies to better evaluate market trends and analyse consumers and businesses for improved insight, decision-making and outreach.

The International Trade Council offers government agencies access to advanced data, predictive analytics and high levels of data quality needed to help them make better decisions and address some of their biggest challenges.

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