RepHunter® Reduces Time To Hire Independent Sales Reps

Eden Prairie, MN, USA – 12-December-2018. RepHunter, Inc. expands Guaranteed Independent Sales Representative Placement and Sales Rep Management programs to help companies quickly ramp up or expand their independent rep sales force.

Responding to customer feedback, RepHunter introduced its Sales Rep Placement and Sales Rep Management Programs to help companies achieve profitability faster when introducing new product lines or services. Utilizing its network of industry databases, sales rep recruiters, and professional sales managers, RepHunter offers businesses a complete independent sales representative recruiting package.

International companies lacking a North American presence are finding RepHunter’s expertise especially valuable. The Guaranteed Placement Plan encompasses the searching, recruiting and interview scheduling of sales reps. The Sales Management Program adds to the placement services management of an independent sales force and gets companies into the USA and Canada faster than otherwise possible.

On the company’s newest program, RepHunter founder Jeff Simon said, “We set up our trial Guaranteed Placement Plan and ran a low level marketing campaign and found a very responsive market. With our current track record, we can confidently offer a proven sales rep recruitment system that quickly and cost-effectively matches companies to professional sales reps that meeting their requirements. Faster placement means faster profits for our clients.”

Manufacturing and service companies often utilize independent sales reps to introduce new product lines or services or penetrate new markets. A costly delay in new sales is usually caused by an inability to find professional sales reps familiar with the industry or who have contacts in the target market. With RepHunter®’s Guaranteed Placement Plan or Sales Management Program, companies can achieve profitability faster by reducing the time of finding and hiring qualified reps.

International companies: outsource your selling functions to RepHunter and get sales faster with our proven independent sales rep management!

About RepHunter:
RepHunter, Inc. provides an online platform where companies seeking to expand sales connect with qualified independents sales representatives who are actively looking for new products or services to represent. Companies around the world use RepHunter®’s innovative search capability to find sales reps that call on their target customers and markets in the USA and Canada. Sales reps use RepHunter®’s free profile creation and job search capability to find companies at home and abroad looking to expand sales in the USA and Canadian markets.

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