Q4 Consulting Limited






Member Level: Standard Member
Contact Person: Alan Crozier
Address: 2 West Regent Styreet
Glasgow G2 1RW
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 141 206 3855
Website: www.q4consulting.com www.q4metrics.com Twitter: @ralancrozier
Email: alan.crozier@q4consulting.com

Q4 Consulting is a boutique consultancy specialising in employee engagement, communication management and employer branding.

Engagement isn’t a strategy or initiative, It’s a philosophy: a system-wide process rooted in core purpose and core values (core ideology); and as such it should influence all policies processes and behaviours adopted by the organisation in pursuit of its objectives through its people. Q4 consulting aims to support that philosophy.

Q4 Consulting believes in research-based consulting and to that end they have developed an unique suite of survey instruments to help advise clients on strategies and priorities in driving organisational performance.

Q4 consulting advises business leaders and HR professionals on:

Employee engagement
Communication management
Leadership communication
Employer branding
Communication competence
Q4 consulting offers a pragmatic approach to performance through people.