Provider Nurse Call Supports “Single Sign-On” through Microsoft® Active Directory

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NILES, IL – November 17, 2016 — Provider Nurse Call Systems streamline alerting and communications between patients and their caregivers for a safer and more productive healthcare environment. Improving both administrator’s and caregiver’s workflows, Jeron is excited to announce that Provider Nurse Call now supports “Single Sign-On” with Microsoft’s Active Directory. Through Active Directory, when a network user signs into their computer on the facility’s Microsoft network, based on their privileges they are automatically signed into the Provider LAN-Based software applications including PC Console Activity Display, Staff to Patient Assignment, and Activity Logging and Reporting.

The integration of Provider Nurse Call to Microsoft Active Directory (AD) eliminates users managing several different sign-ons and passwords for their computer, the LAN itself, and Jeron Provider applications. With AD, once they are signed into their computer, they simply click on the link to the Provider software application and are up and running. Active Directory integration also means that every user’s sign-on and password complies with the facility’s centralized security policies.

For Network Administrators, Provider integration with AD greatly simplifies the administration of users by eliminating double-entry of users; active users are automatically synchronized from AD into the Provider LAN-based applications. Anytime a user is added or deleted from the facility’s LAN, AD automatically updates the user’s access to Provider applications.

“From Network Administrators through to individual users on the facility’s LAN, Provider’s integration to Active Directory saves everyone steps while supporting a secure network that’s so critical in healthcare today.” says Myles Cochran, Director of Marketing for Jeron.

ABOUT PROVIDER® 790 NURSE CALL: Provider 790 is a complete nurse call communication solution, offering clear VoIP digital/full‐duplex audio, wireless phone and text messaging integration, simple touchscreen operation, one‐touch facility‐wide intercom, automated alerting/workflow functionality and a wide spectrum of patient and staff area components – all designed to optimize patient care and staff efficiency. For more information regarding the Provider 790 communication solution, visit:‐call/provider‐790 or call 800.621.1903